Monday, June 27, 2016

Android app to extract soundfont (SF2) from sfArk


This project is now also archived. I will not work on it and removed from my playstore account. I am abandoning many of my projects because on Android its getting very tough to maintain them to work on all devices and updating them to newer Android versions. However i can republish it to my archived project's PlayStore profile. For now the apk can be download from apk websites which have copy of the playstore version. However non-playstore versions are not recommended because they have chances of being hacked and with malicious code. You at your own risk.

Decades ago Soundfont files were packed to reduce their size to manage for storage limited devices. Many developers came up with tools to compress SF2 files. Major of them are sfArk & sfpack formats. Now we have lots of space and those formats are mostly abandoned by their makers. Also the software support from 3rd party is almost dead. Some PC apps like Polyphone support extraction of sfark and sfpack files.

I have ported unsfark & sfArkXtm to Android which handles both sfArk formats. Simple advice is to just stay away from these formats. Convert them to sf2 files and use latest methods to compress them or use sf3 if supported.

Android sfArk extractor port link (n/a right now):

It detects old sfArk (unsfark) & new sfArk (sfArkXtm) and extracts sf2 to destination directory. If you are a developer and you need source of android lib files please mail me i will either upload here or mail you. There is not much of changes done to the code.

Extracting shockwave flash (swf) files in Android using swfextract unofficial Android port

(This project is archived)

Do you have swf files from which you want to extract audio/graphics etc assets? You lost .fla files and want assets back? Or do you want you favorite music or graphics out of swf file?

If above is your need there are swf extractors. swftools is a collection of such tools. But swfextract is the app which extracts assets out. Below is the link of Android port of this app which can very easily do this job.


It can extract many files at once. It creates swf named folders and extracts data into it.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Convert JPG pictures to desired size limits

You clicked a selfie and want to reduce its size from some MBs to few KB as a profile pic? Or a huge scanned document to smaller size? There are software to achieve this task.

1. Jpegoptim

This is free open-source app which optimizes jpg files. You can build it from source for whatever supported Operating system your want. I ported it to Android and with ease it allows JPG optimizations and size reduction without changing resolution. Download it from herer -

2. ImageMagick 6.9+

This is free, OpenSource and multiplatform application which is available on almost all latest popular Linux distros and can be downloaded on Windows, Mac. Download it and convert images like this command:

convert -define jpeg:extent=100KB input.png output.jpg

There can be some problem in older versions and jpg to jpg might not work. At-least this is what i encountered while converting from jpg to jpg using extent. ImageMagick 6.8.

3. IrfanView + RIOT plugin
Download IrfanView windows app and using jpg saver plugin we can choose target maximum file size.