Thursday, July 7, 2016

Android WavPack port (unofficial) to compress wav files

I have ported wavpack-4.80.0 to Android. Convert high quality wav files to smaller wv wavpack files without loosing any quality. Its an unofficial port of popular WavPack utility (version WavPack 4.80.0). It can convert wav files to wv and wv back to wav files in batch. Convert 100+ files in batch. If you have synth instruments/samples in wav format then compressing them to wv is extremely useful. It uses lossless compression method which is just like zip, rar, 7z which don't destroy even a single bit from data files.

  • Converts WAV to WV and WV to WAV
  • Convert in batch. Select lots of WAV & WV files randomly. Compresses or decompresses depending upon extension.

Download link: