Monday, December 7, 2015

BVHUtil - A multi-platform BVH MoCap utility (Like BVH Hacker)

Update 28-Feb-2017:

Due to lack of fund, time and reason i quit gaming this project was suspended. However even after ~1.5yrs no BVH viewer on android exists. I thought someone might make one. So may be i will try to re-build a simple bvh viewer to keep an option for some users. The download link to PlayStore is dead because i disabled the BVH Viewer app but many apk sites maintain a copy of it. Please download from these sites. I will update link if i could.

I am working on 3d games like Tekken 3, Dear Or Alive using unity3d and some other engines/libraries. Soon i started working got stuck in making models and their animations. While making 2d games i could make graphics alone but in this case its way more harder and time consuming. I make human models using OpenSource software MakeHuman and then import them into Blender 3D to do rest of work. However there is a method called Animation Re-targeting which can use external animation to be applied to acompatible model. A compatible model means they must have same skeletal architecture no matter what design of mesh they have. Fortunately one can use BVH MoCap files. Many of them are freely downloadable. Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database offers lots of free BVH files.

There is already an editor called BVH Hacker which can do most of tasks anyone needs. However i tried to find, as much as i can, a software which can edit REST POSE of BVH file without affecting the motion data. I could not find any & there were methods which were time consuming and not for anyone who doesn't know how to use Blender3D. So i made Rest Pose editor* myself and it works well.

However i am using it for personal use and willing to release it on stores. At present BVHUtil works on its own format which is nothing but extension of BVH replacing Euler rotations channels by Quaternion.

- BVH viewer with interpolation of animation.

WIP features for updates to come:
- Frame control for viewing. View any frame like seeking a video frame.
- Remove frames
- Edit Frame animation data i.e. rotation of joints/bones.
- Export* interpolated frames to enhance animation smoothness within file.
- Export* any part of skeleton. E.g. export right hand as bvh.
- Edit rest pose* without affecting a single animation frame. This feature is rare and i will take some time to make it available. This feature is complete and ready but is not exposed in UI. More info at bottom.
- Animation re-targeting to embed animation in a model? I myself need this and will make it anyhow.

* mark is for features which are available in my own BVH2 format. This is extension of bvh format where Euler rotations are replaced by Quaternions. Once i make precise port of these features to bvh format i will update this app. * features will be available once i finish BVH2 to BVH export. BVH2 format name can probably be changed with something else.

I have only released Android version yet. PC version will be released after i am done with mobile builds.

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