Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What i have learnt about universe?

Life is just a visual form to the compatible visual forms both created by sound automatically... Life is entropy.

This is what Sanatan Dharm knew lacs of years ago.... This is why sound, mantra, yantra (visualization of mantra) are so important in sanatan dharm( hinduism, buddhism ).

Chanting AUM makes us connect with universe and be stable. More information i read in Mundak Upanishad. Please refer to the same.

Please watch the below video, Experiments done by Hans Jenny which visualize sounds creating shapes. This is how our world has came into existence called "MAYA", means illusion. Already described in Upanishads many centuries ago. However modern science keep talking about particles. So keep finding particles!, Good Luck!

According to Sanatan Dharm (misnamed and edited badly to now into Hinduism) there are two types of Knowledge

1. Higher Knowledge, ( Brahm Gyan )
2. Lower Knowledge, ( Vedic knowledge of Music, dance, Arts, science etc )

The biggest difference between the two is Brahm Gyan can only be gained by meditation, it can be known by books but cannot be felt or illustrated. Just like I tell you I ate a fruit and how it tasted. And the biggest thing, without our inner connection with higher knowledge we cannot use it. Means Brahm Gyan is nearly useless to a common human. Once a person knows Brahm Gyan, he/she comes out of maya. Which results, firstly they loose their interest in worldly things. They start to feel content, satisfied, live simple.

The lower knowledge is infinite, get created every time. Like atoms make compounds, compounds are either liquid, gas, solid... Bla bla blah.

One who learns how to control waves by himself or highly advanced device can play with MAYA. It was present in our ancestors, who used to say mantras and control the MAYA forms around. Its like Playing music from a Sitar/Guitar.

That is why there is heavy use of WAVES, SOUND words in Sanatan Dharm. Like Asura ( devil, evil etc ) which means "A + Sur" = noise Or opposite of sur / Harmonics.
 Bad sounds, noises are negative energies of universe, means chaos. Same goes to its manifestations like bad odour, lies, abuse, cheating etc -ve things.

Since nothing is actually created, how can it be destroyed? Only forms change, and change is inevitable. Why people do not think about waves being everywhere? Is there anything void of waves? Nowhere.

What are the basic attributes of Universe?
Many people say its all science, if we don't see anything we cannot dream about them. First of all, senses are worldly things. The base attribute is feeling. Feeling is life.

Feelings Maya'tic manifestations - visual, Aural, Temperature, Touch.

Suppose from world light, sound and temperature ( better say Temp. differences ) are removed. What will happen?

A: We will not exist, even if we do.

For now i am not having time to write very much here, may be i should write whole book over the subject. Before i end it, below are some important things we should think about.

The way 1 and 0 create whole mathematics, same way nature is, nodes and anti-nodes created by waves. Who gives energy to this one knows, atleast i don't know.

One who chants AUM, connects with Brahm. Mudak upanishad says chanting AUM gives us energy, this created energy helps our soul to handle the infinite loop of life.

Below is analogy:
Suppose you died, for this world you do not exist, but YOU come out of dream somewhere else with same people and say i had a bad nightmare. you love that place and forget your dream. Well this is just an example to let you feel how much powerful MAYA is!.

According to Mundak Upanishad i read, after death the feeling of "ME / I" still exists, we don't own a body, only feelings. According to our actions we see a blank (of-course dark) Universe. No directions, no sound, no light, no gravity, no temperature. There is only emptyness and loneliness.

You can only feel extreme pain. Those who chanted AUM, did good karma get light early to exit this state. bad karma suffer.