Monday, July 1, 2013

Make sprite sheet from frame files with auto-crop and merge.

My another tool for GrehGameEngine Tools Collection.

It takes all user provided images then auto-crops them and merges to build a sprite sheet. It also exports frame information file containing frames information in % of sheet size.

java -jar SpriteSheetFromPNGs.jar "1st.png" "2nd.png" "3rd.png" "#.png" ...  more files, file names are not fixed you can use any png files.

"sheet.png" with all images cropped and merged. "sheet.png.conf" with frames position and size data relative to "sheet.png". i.e. x, y, w, h of frames in % of sheet's size.


It is a java app and needs Java 5.

Tags: sprite, sprite sheet,  auto crop and merge

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