Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skeleton Based Sprite Editor

I am finally done with my Skeleton based sprite editor. Almost within 10 days of development my app is ready to use.

  1. It can create skeletons with bones and add image over them.
  2. It can animate the skeletons easily with better motion, just like happens in reality.
  3. Joints behave realistic when moved since the skeletal engine has forward and inverse kinematics implemented.
  4. Made using java, therefore portable on most of operating systems. Tested on Windows & Linux.
  5. Export images of the animations.

Below is a snap of app running in Windows XP.

Limitations / future plannings:
  1. Export of videos. However you can use external snap apps to achieve it.
  2. Documentation, there is no documentation right now, but very soon I'll pack the app with tutorial PDF.
  3. Locked at 30FPS.

Download URL:
SpriteEditor_binary.7z ( version 2013.1.24 )

SpriteEditor.7z ( version 2013.04.02 )

To test the app,
1. On Windows: double click the ".bat" file, from Menu click "Open Skeleton For Animation", then select human.skeleton from the res folder of this app from where you executed the bat file. A model will be shown in the screen on right of app window. Go to "Manage Animations" tab. Select any animation e.g. Jump. Click "Work on selected animation", click animate. Use the slider to control  animation speed. Never forget to click "Work on selected animation".

On Linux: execute the shell / .sh file from terminal. Or give executable flag to the sh file from its properties and double click it. The same as above in windows. Please report any bug you find.

If you want more powerful application then head towards Animata:

This little app is enough to let you achieve complex 2d animation/morphing you desire.

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