Thursday, October 23, 2008

I recovered my quickly erased CDRW.

Happened in 2006 August.
I had a CDRW which was the only source for my all projects as my hdd was crashed. I tried to find many software on net, found forensic sites but they were charging much money. Being a student, i wasn't able to produce that amount then i decided to search for software based recovery.

I found Isobuster, that wasn't capable of quick erased CDRW's data recovery. But i found a good software - Back2Life. I tried to recover the cd, using "force RW mode".
Hah! it recovered the table but wasn't recovering data as it was a demo version and limited to 64KB file recovery. It must have burned some part on the CDRW. I was disappointed b/c i had very less time, only few days to go. Then my mind lightened an idea and i again used Isobuster, hey! it recovered my data and i successfully saved my all projects. I know it could also help many of you.

That's why we say: Problem occurred for one person but gave solution to many.
Tip: Use back2life version > 2.3 and then use Isobuster.
Now TestDisk is my favorite data recovery program, it now offers optical media recovery.


rohit said...

very nice trick, i will also try if i would get stuck in such condition.

rohit said...

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bindesh said...

Thanks Rohit and please let me know if the same works for you too.