Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disable/Change default Nubia UI 4.0 Launcher

If you have updated your Nubia device to to Nubia UI 4.0 and cannot remove its default Nubia launcher then this post will help you.

I just updated my Nubia Z9 Mini to Nubia UI 4.0 and will say this update is awesome!. But i always hate the launchers which contain all icons on desktop in unsorted order. I am very irritated by this because i know if i have to launch Twitter or WhatsApp the letter comes at end and icon will be at end of launcher. To get rid of this i installed Nova launcher (holo launcher is my favorite). Follow the below steps to set default launcher or other default apps in Nubia UI 4.0.

- Install your favorite luncher.
- Go to settings -> Apps -> at top right there is  drop down list. Press it. -> Select your launcher.

You are done setting default launcher in Nubia 4.0.